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*Octavia sits in a red velvet armchair before a fireplace in an immaculate study, wearing a red dress and holding a glass of wine*  

Octavia: Good day, fillies and gentlecolts. My name is Octavia Philharmonica, professional cellist. It's a pleasure to be chatting with you all so soon after our last appear...

Vinyl: *pops in from behind the chair, shoving Octavia's head down with one hoof and waving vigorously with the other* Heeeeey everypony! It's your DJ-P to the O-T-H-Ree! How's it goin'?! 

Octavia: Gah! *nearly spilling her wine, jerks away* Vinyl, what in...?!

Vinyl: What? This IS the announcement-slash-submission thingy, right?

Octavia: Er... yes, dear.

Vinyl: And you wouldn't POSSIBLY have considered doing it without ME, riiiiiight?! *knowing smirk, poking her in the head*

Octavia: Ow! And, uh... no! O-Of course not... *nervous giggle*

Vinyl: *rolls her eyes* Mmmmmm-hmmmmm. So yeah. Like she said, everypony, this is us... BOTH of us.... *pulls a surprised Octavia close and noogies her* ...telling all of YOU what we're gonna be doing next! The Doc asked for it, several of you awesome guys replied and sooooooooo...! *grins* Take it away, Tavster!

Octavia: *suddenly off-guard* Uh... well, y-yes. Ahem. The two of us will be making an appearance similar to this, albeit significantly extended, where we will be answering you, our fans', questions to Vinyl, myself, or the both of us.

Vinyl: That first option's obviously the best. *laughs, casually leaning against the chair* But I'm suuuuure SOME of you care enough about Tavi to throw one or two her way. Am I right, babe?

Octavia: I, er... ahem, would like to assume that things will be fairly even. 

Vinyl: *nods toward audience* Heh. Well that's for them to decide, eh? That IS what you went to the trouble of getting all dressed up and paying for this fancy-schmancy movie set? *nods to their surroundings* 

Octavia: *goes wide-eyes, blushes* Vinyl! Don't tell them tha...!

Vinyl: ANYWAY! I'm personally really lookin' forward to this. So type your questions in the little comment box down there and we'll give it... ehhhh...

Octavia: *timidly* Two weeks?

Vinyl: Awwww, but that's sooooooo looooooooooong, Taaaaaviiiiiii! *shaking the chair*

Octavia: VINYL! STOP.... STOP IT!

Vinyl: *stops, chuckling* I'm just messin' with ya, hon. You'd think you'd be used to that by now.

Octavia: *bored sigh* You never cease to surprise me. Think of it that way if it makes you feel good.

Vinyl: Weeeell, know would really make me feel good? *suddenly grabs Octavia's breasts through her dress* Mmm, squishy!

Octavia: GAH! DON'T! *quickly jerks away, adjusting herself*

Vinyl: Ha! Perfect way of saying that nothing is off-limits! Feel free to ask us whatever you want. Phrases like "too intimate" or "too embarrassing" matter not here!

Octavia: Vinyl, please don't go too crazy with this. *slightly worried*

Vinyl: Awww, Tavi. You're so cute; I wuv you so much. *pinches her cheek* So yeah! Shoot Q's our way, everypony, and we'll provide the A's. *snatches Octavia's wine and quickly downs it herself*

Octavia: Vinyl! That was mi...!

Vinyl: What? *shrugs* Even I need a little courage sometimes. You should consider it yourself by the way. You never know what depraved minds we'll end up responding to! *lets out a wild belly laugh*

Octavia: *exasperated sigh, slumps in her chair* Very well. Suppose this is still worth looking forward to. *glances up to Vinyl* I should even have foreseen you taking it up a few notches and killing any semblance of formality I'd attempted to do this with.

Vinyl: *giggles* Love you too, babe. *excited grin* Ooooooh, this is so awesome! I can't wait! *dashes off the set and runs to her laptop, flopping down on the floor and gazing intently at the screen*

Octavia: *raising an eyebrow* Er, Vinyl? Are you just WAITING for the questions?

Vinyl: You got something better to do that doesn't involve the bedroom? *smirks over her shoulder* Though with you in that dress, I might've just answered my own question. Ha! That doesn't work! *points to the comp* THEY'RE the ones asking the questions! *laughs*

Octavia: *cringes, slowly gets up* All right, everypony. That settles it. She's given all the necessary information. Now it's all up to you, our fans. Again, submit your questions below and Vinyl and myself will answer them to the best of our abilities...

Vinyl: Of which mine are better than yours.

Octavia: Ugh. *glares back* due time. Thank you all for letting us into your homes this afternoon and until then, this is Octavia Philharmonica and Vinyl Scratch bidding you all a lovely... *Vinyl pops back in with an electric fan in her hooves and uses it blow Octavia's dress up, revealing her white French knickers with music notes before she can hold it down, squealing* 
Vinyl: *smirking* ...view of Octavia's drawers! And just as bootylicious as ever!

Octavia: GAAAH! *slaps the fan away from Vinyl with a crash* What in Equestria?!

Vinyl: What? *sitting on the floor, chortling* It's not like it's a different guy writing us this time! That was bound to happen eventually! I just saw you about to end so I took matters into my own hooves! *gives her a playful shove as she goes back to her laptop*

Octavia: *finishes fixing her skirt and windblown mane, still flustered* Er... yes. Um, that should do it. I'm still looking forward to it despite my... friend's rambunctiousness. Ahem, on that note...

Vinyl: *cracks up* Ha! You said note! Like the ones on your under...!

Octavia: *through gritted teeth* And on that STATEMENT, good day, everypony. 'Til next time!

Vinyl: Lataz, G's! *pulls up her laptop playlist, plays them out with a blast of music before going back to waiting patiently for comments*
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